One of the finest, most thoughtful gifts you can give to someone — or to yourself — is original art. Think about it. It will hang on a wall and silently give, every day. It can give beauty, or inspiration, or focus, or hope, or encouragement… every single day.

Think of what you would like to bring into the world for you or someone else. Let’s talk about it. I’ll ask the right questions and we’ll go through the process carefully, crafting just the right piece of art. Bravery and inspiration? Maybe you want to portray a hero. Success? Focus? Love? Maybe it’s a goal to shoot for. Maybe it’s a like a “wish board,” intended to bring something wonderful into the life of the recipient. We’ll figure it out. Just click the button below to start a conversation, and before you know it, your very own commissioned piece will be finished and shipped to you via FedEx.