I grew up in Michigan and started getting into art in second grade. Third grade is when I began to develop what you might call a “voice” (visual humor, puns, goofy characters and the like), and in fourth grade I started adding heart. That’s when I started doing caricatures of classmates who annoyed me. Fifth grade was comic books—both reading them (Archie, Richie Rich) and making my own—and sixth grade meant dedicated reproduction of my favorite artists: Don Martin of Mad and Dan DeCarlo, who drew Archie. Al Hirschfeld, too.

After (reluctantly) leaving my hometown, I attended and graduated from the mighty University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, with a degree in…? You got it. Econ!

After my first job in Chicago I started designing, printing and selling my own line of t-shirts. I also helped put out an alt-comix monthly publication, and got deeply into “alternative” comix — artists like Daniel Clowes, Peter Bagge and Robert Crumb.I sold my t-shirt screens and hopped a ride out to the West Coast.

Landed in Palo Alto, CA and crashed with a friend. Worked in coffee, moved to San Francisco, and started painting. After three years in California I moved back to Michigan and got a job at a radio station in Ann Arbor.

In Michigan I had my first actual “art shows” in Ann Arbor and Detroit. Then selling prints and originals online, via Etsy. I took drawing classes, too, concentrating on landmark buildings around town. I did a lot of poster and packaging design in Ann Arbor too, then Wifey got a job in New York, and boom. Here we are.

I’m still painting and drawing plenty and silkscreening again—posters now, not t-shirts. Also concentrating on more “place-based” pieces, as well as sales and commissions. Interested? Let me know.

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