"1978", pop art painting: nostalgia by John Tebeau

Jimmy Carter was in the White House... "Hot Child in the City" was burnin' up the charts, and a young Steve Martin taught us all how to laugh... ironically.

Relive the adolescent wonders of the year 1978 with a dynamic and colorful original acrylic painting on canvas by John Tebeau.

This two-dimensional trip down memory lane includes icons like Cheech and Chong, John Belushi in "Animal House", Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman, Timer (the cheese-loving little dude that apparently lives in your body and keeps things running), Space Invaders, Charlie's Angels... the list goes on and on.

A feast for the eyes, an explosion of color, a perfect gift for someone born in 1978, or those fans of Mr. Bill on your list.

Size: 48" by 36", stretched, coated (for protection of the paint) and ready to hang.

Will ship via UPS or FedEx, carefully packaged for safe shipping. Shipping is free in the USA.