Vesuvio Café art print of San Francisco. Digital prints of a great SF bar.

Buy a signed giclée print of Vesuvio Café , one of the famous bars of San Francisco.

This multi-colored beauty of a Great Good Place of San Francisco is standard-sized and ready to hang. First time I went here was 1992, shortly after Bill Clinton was elected and I trucked out from Chicago to California with my friend H in a silver Something-Or-Other convertible lent to us by our friend who'd just busted her foot. Anyway, we landed in SF, stumbled upon Vesuvio, and had one hell of a fine time being entertained by a local fellow in a Hawaiian shirt, tripping joyfully on acid. And there was beer. Cool, refreshing beer.

This gorgeous print ships flat (free in the US) via US Mail. Available in 11" x 14" and 8" x 10". (And a larger, limited-edition 16" by 20" signed print.)